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Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language

If you already have a good knowledge of the Spanish language and want to take the exam to obtain your Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE), prepare with us!

Spanish as a Foreign Language is one of the official accreditations of Spanish, granted by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science and internationally recognized.

ile-Spanish Institute is the only center in the province of Castellón accredited by the Instituto Cervantes for teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and it is also a DELE examination center.


International Service for te Evaluation of the Spanish Language

Do you need to prove your level of Spanish without going through a certification? with SIELE, you can!

The Instituto Cervantes offers you an exam modality, face-to-face or online, which includes specific tests (CL, CA, EIE, EIO) or you can combine the different tests through the four modalities that are offered.

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Exam to obtain Spanish nationality

Obtain Spanish nationality with us!

We prepare you to pass the Spanish sociocultural knowledge exam with all the guarantees.

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